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Terry Asphalt Materials, Inc. was formed in 2006 by Barrett Industries, stemming from the asset acquisition of the Terry family of companies that originally date back to 1955. Today's company is part of a world-wide team of 1,200 autonomous businesses that provide products and services to build and maintain the transportation infrastructure. Safety, quality, ethics, environment awareness, innovation, and financial strength are the keys that allow us to lead in our industry and serve the needs of our customers and employees.


Manufacturing is one of our core strengths; asphalt terminals and emulsion manufacturing operations are strategically located in Ohio, positioning us to effectively serve the Midwest region. Our product mix includes a full range of conventional, modified and performance graded asphalt binders, cationic and anionic asphalt emulsions, polymer modified sealants and specialty products for every pavement need. Each product is manufactured from carefully selected base asphalts, polymers, and additive systems with stringent quality control standards maintained by our accredited laboratories. Through close attention to detail, these modern facilities provide consistent quality and efficient distribution to our customers and our job sites.


Construction Services are a significant part of Terry's history. Performance and innovation are the backbone of our ability to provide complete solutions for our customers. Our fully integrated organization includes a broad range of construction products and systems to effectively meet the needs of minor rehabilitation and preservation of streets and highways. All of our products and systems are carefully engineered and go through an extensive laboratory design procedure and quality control process to ensure that our customers receive the greatest value on all of their pavement projects.


We at Terry are committed to Quality, Performance and Innovation to help our customers meet their needs and goals. These commitments, coupled with our Research and Development process and the efforts of our many talented employees, are what allow us to help our customers keep Moving Pavement Preservation Forward TM.

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